Wire Toys by Pete - Wire cars and other wire toys for kids of all ages -     Phone Contact Number 727-831-7420


                                                                                    Ordering Info
        Wire Toys  are extremely detailed and realistic 
        renditions of real cars and other wire vehicles.  There are no small parts, 
        no loose wires, no sharp edges, Pete's  wire toys are virtually 
        unbreakable.  These toys are tightly hand created to last nearly indefinitely.  
        No special care  is required. 
        Keep in mind that Pete will custom create your favorite vehicle.
        This can be a great gift  idea for people of all ages.  
         Wire Toys By Pete are available for purchase at affordable prices. 
         We recommend the age group of 6 years and up for full 
         appreciation of their detail and quality workmanship.  
         If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, please call Pete 
      at  (727) 831-7420